24 - 26 Jan.

Customer Experience Management

By Deloitte Academy


Alexandros Veros, Senior Manager, Consulting

Elisavet Ntokou, Assistant Manager, Consulting

Stela Kaminioti, Assistant Manager, Consulting

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Consumer needs have been transformed from pure transactional/ functional into experiential and thus a new competitive landscape is formed where comparative and competitive advantage lies in Customer Experience (CX).

According to Forbes, 87% of the senior executives consider Customer Experience as catalyst for their companies’ growth and therefore their executives are urged to develop the respective skills. Effective Customer Experience Management (CXM) will allow executives to recognize and act upon the needs of their customers and employees. CXM will drive customer-centric transformation and will enable organizations to invest on solutions based on what their customers and employees value the most.

The seminar responds to the aforementioned needs and refers to high and middle management executives, presenting methodologies, tools and frameworks that contribute to the development of a customer-centric strategy, to successfully differentiate and navigate the new Customer era. 

The seminar will provide aspiring executives with key CX methodologies, tools, and frameworks. By participating in this seminar, executives will gain valuable insights into truly customer-focused organizations and will develop the necessary skills to create or further develop a customer-centric organization.

The seminar will focus on understanding customer pain points, capturing customer and employee feedback, re-engineering customer related processes, identifying- prioritizing- developing Personas & Customer Journeys, implementing a customer-centric strategy, setting the appropriate KPIs and metrics, communicating the CX vision within the organization and ultimately creating CX optimization framework. Mastering these skills will equip participants with the appropriate expertise, enabling their organizations’ CX transformation, and customer-first mindset.

Customer-related departments (Customer Care, Sales, Marketing) in industries, such as Retail, Energy & Utilities, TELCO, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Banking, Insurance, Transportation, Hospitality.
12 hours

Section 1 |


·       About the Experience Economy; Why

CX is important? Why today?

Section 2 | Methodological tools

·       Customer Journey Mapping

·       Voice of the Customer

·       Voice of the Business

·       Customer Segmentation

·       Empathy Mapping

·       Personas Development

·       Customer Centric Process Mapping & Re-engineering

·       Value propositions

Section 3 | CX Monitoring Framework

KPIs, CX Metrics and Dashboards Development

Section 4

Hands-on workshops

Section 5

Presentation of industry case studies

Section 6

Wrap up, FAQs & Discussion



For companies that will have two or more participations there will be a 10% discount.

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24 - 26 Jan. 2023
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