13 - 15 Feb.

Financial Reporting Cycle

By Deloitte Academy

Speaker: Ioannis Kardizis, Head of Financial Reporting & Analysis, Finance

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The objective of the Financial Reporting Cycle Seminar is to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze, interpret, understand, and use financial information to make informed decisions. We will discuss Financial Reporting from a user’s perspective, use a variety of tools to break apart financial reports into meaningful units for analysis, budget and forecast financial statements, and value a firm. This course is intended to give you exposure to the issues facing users of financial statements. You will better understand your role in the Financial Reporting process if you know how the Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, C/F etc) will ultimately be used.
Learners who complete this Seminar will be able to (1) use Financial Accounting principles to create and/or process an organization’s Financial Statements, (2) analyze Financial Statements to assess an organization’s financial position through EBIDTA and Financial Ratios and (3) how to plan and carry out an effective budgeting process.

Accountants that want to develop further to Financial Reporting

Financial Analysts

Graduates from Economic Universities

12 hours

Day 1

The role of Financial Accounting principles and processes in creating and reporting an organization’s Financial Statements - Exercises

Day 2

The importance of EBIDTA and Financial Ratios in the analysis of the financial performance of an organization - Exercises

Day 3

Introduction to Budgeting & Forecasting - Exercises


For companies that will have two or more participations there will be a 10% discount.

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13 - 15 Feb. 2023
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