8 - 9 Dec.

The art of strategic planning

By Deloitte Academy


Kalogiorgas Panos, Manager, Consulting

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In the modern, constantly-changing business world, strategic planning is of utmost importance for enterprises and organizations. Although it can be considered more as an art rather than science, a systematic approach can really help in design and deployment of effective business strategies. This can indicatively be analysis of: a) vision, mission and strategic objectives and priorities, b) the drivers and triggers in the external and internal environment that require strategic decision-making, and c) frameworks and methodologies than can enable the deployment of a systematic approach on strategic planning.
The seminar can provide business strategists with practical examples and useful methodologies and help them make the right decisions for their businesses. It can arm them with the right tools to diagnose trends (in the external environment) and identify alternative options (based on their own strengths and weaknesses) to design and deploy winning strategies. Among others, it can help them design successful business plans both for internal alignment as well as external financing / fund-raising to support growth.
The seminar can be applicable for all types of businesses across sectors and individuals responsible for or interested in strategic planning. It can be of particular interest to C-level executives (e.g. CEO/CFO) and/or shareholders of small-medium size enterprises (SMEs) as well as scaleups/startups.
5 hours

Section 1


-          Scope & content of the seminar

-          Definition of strategic planning

-          Why it is important

-          What it entails

-          Inputs to strategic planning

Section 2

Methodological tools / Frameworks.

Indicatively: Deloitte’s Strategic Choice Cascade,

Enterprise Value Map, Ansoff

Matrix, Ten Types of Innovation (Doblin)

Section 3

Case studies / practical examples


For companies that will have two or more participations there will be a 10% discount.

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8 - 9 Dec. 2022
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