25 Sep.

Breathing new life into Halki’s Horio

Deloitte’s strategy to revive the ancient village of Halki

Benaki Museum of Greek Culture, Greece

Deloitte developed a pro-bono revival strategy plan for Halki’s Horio in cooperation with the Municipality of Halki, under the organization’s CSR umbrella. This initiative started through Deloitte’s cooperation with Axion Hellas, with the aim to increase Halki’s population by reviving the old, abandoned capital of the island, Horio.

Deloitte’s vision for Halki revolved around the transformation of the entire island focusing on:

  • renovating abandoned buildings,
  • transforming the ancient village of Horio into an iconic cultural ecosystem,
  • modernizing infrastructure,
  • promoting sustainability,
  • offering opportunities for Halki residents and visitors, and;
  • improving public services.

The plan includes a study of the anticipated impact upon its implementation over the next 5-10 years.


Read the press release in Greek here.


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Monday, 25 Sep 2023 Benaki Museum of Greek Culture, Greece
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