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Deloitte Alexander Competence Center (DACC)  

Following our mission to “Make in impact that matters”, we decided within the crisis, to invest in the talent and prospects of young Greek graduates and create numerous promising careers in Greece within Deloitte’s forward-looking multinational environment, contributing to the reduction of high unemployment and the reversal of “brain drain”.

In 2017, we launched in Thessaloniki, Deloitte Alexander Competence Center (DACC) S.A., a hub for the development of our next generation innovation services and talent.

DACC was setup as a competence / excellence center to capitalize on the abundant of talent of Thessaloniki and to serve the growing needs of Deloitte in Central Mediterranean and Europe for skilled resources.

The center is located in Technopoli (Thessaloniki’s ICT Business Park), where we attract talented university graduates, we train them in the latest technology skills and engage them in breakthrough projects in Europe, on the areas of Digital, Application Management, Systems Integration, Cloud Engineering, Robotics Process Automation, Data Analytics, Enterprise & Operations Risk, Cyber Risk, Assurance, Finance and Tax.

Currently, we employ around 1,000 young professionals, with plans to further invest in the potential of talented graduates.

We maintain strong working relationships with local leading Universities and Research Centers and invest on the continuous education of young graduates through focused training courses, skill-building, boot camps, code schools, academies, etc.

We decided to invest in Thessaloniki, due the numerous leading academic institutions and research centers, the large pool of young and talented graduates, the excellent foreign language skills, the active innovation ecosystem and developer’s community and the vibrant and extrovert society.

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