Astypalaia 4.0

How can one of Greece's most remote islands become a model for sustainability?

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Deloitte developed a pro-bono strategic development plan “Astypalaia 4.0” for the island of Astypalaia in cooperation with the Municipality of Astypalaia, under the organization’s CSR umbrella. This initiative started through Deloitte’s cooperation with Axion Hellas and the aim of its contribution was the creation of a strategic plan for sustainable growth and development that will transform the island into an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable destination for residents and tourists.

Study of sustainable development of Astypalaia - Executive Summary

Towards this end, Deloitte developed a comprehensive study which defined both a vision and direction for the future development and a strong value proposition for the island, and set clear priorities and strategic goals for implementing a long-term and sustainable growth plan. More specifically, the strategic development plan consists of 4 pillars:

I) Development and improvement of infrastructures

II) Boost of the local economy & entrepreneurship

III) Sustainability and environmental protection

IV) Digital transformation and networks upgrade

, and 18 targeted strategic actions designed to meet the overall goals of the plan. Moreover, the plan was developed based on Deloitte’s robust methodologies and tools along with best practices derived from the analysis of the external environment.

The strategic development plan is a five-year framework aimed at providing a common vision for growth and investment between key stakeholders (e.g. tourism businesses, community municipality, residents, government). In addition, the strategy will help guide Astypalaia’s development initiatives and enable the inclusive and sustainable economic growth, prosperity and wellbeing for its communities.

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