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Work remotely, stay empowered

Empowering professionals to work differently in the face of COVID-19

Our two guides provide tips and instructions for professionals that need to explore new ways of working to thrive and stay empowered during COVID-19 uncertain times

These challenging times, where all aspects of day-to-day life have been affected, require agility, readiness, empowerment and smarter ways of working both from professionals’ and organizations’ side. Work should be performed virtually, in response to the spread of the COVID-19. This has placed the focus on the practices professionals need to follow so as to stay empowered and motivated while working from home, far from the offices' premises and their teammates. These two guides offer practical tips on how to perform better and efficiently remote working and overcome the challenges that may emerge in the long term. 

10 smart remotely working tips

1. Designate a workspace for focus in your home
2. Develop a daily routine
3. Embrace technology tools for collaboration
4. Communicate frequently with your team
5. Communicate openly with your clients
6. Remain contactable
7. Do not over-rely on email - use the phone
8. Block your calendar for “working time”
9. Dedicate time for informal social interactions
10. Regularly review performance with team leader

Guidance for Business and Talent leaders

5 tips to maximize the effectiveness of virtual meetings

1. Be mindful of your audience
2. Plan & prepare
3. Be inclusive
4. Encourage others to be interactive and present
5. Facilitate collaboration

Virtual meeting guide
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