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Deloitte Alexander Competence Center

January 2018

Investing in talent is one of our main priorities. Therefore, we have decided to create the Alexander Competence Center (“ACC”), a center of development, creative thinking and productivity, which will house the new company executives. ACC will be based in Thessaloniki.   

Deloitte actively supports entrepreneurship and employment in Greece by investing in the potential and talent of young university graduates of various disciplines with significant development opportunities in one of the world's largest professional services firm. Our new colleagues will work in projects with emphasis on new technologies and innovation.

The choice to create the ACC in Thessaloniki, stems from the great dynamics and the high academic level of the city with the presence of many important educational institutions and universities. Also, the high unemployment rate in Thessaloniki adds motivation for Deloitte Greece, to contribute by creating jobs for young, enthusiastic and skilled professionals in a multinational environment with significant career prospects.

Our aim is to create the next generation of advisors and auditors for the present and the future of Deloitte.

Deloitte Alexander Competence Center
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