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Navigating the new digital divide: Global edition
A global summary of findings from nine countries on digital influence in retail

The Global edition of this report explores the digital preferences of consumers, especially how the use of digital devices impacts in-store shopping behavior. It is based on a survey of thousands of consumers in nine different worldwide markets.

new digital divide

Assessing cyber risk
Critical questions for the board and the C-suite

The evolving threat landscape means organizations today must worry about far more than fraud and theft. As attackers become highly organized and also focus their attention on disrupting services, destroying your data, and holding your systems to ransom, the risk challenges grow more complex—with regulatory fines, legal damages, loss of trust, and reputation damage becoming part of the equation.

Assessing cyber risk

Deloitte Review, issue 18
Featuring a special section on behavioral economics and management

Humans are not perfect. We overgeneralize from our personal experience, often neglect logical analyses, and are generally overconfident in our judgments. These biases extend beyond our personal lives to impact economic, regulatory, and management decisions more than we may realize. Concepts of modern psychology and behavioral economics arising from the work of Daniel Kahneman, Richard Thaler, Cass Sunstein, and others, have begun to offer tools enabling us to better shape programs, policies and products – and ultimately to design our technological future – in a human-centric spirit.

behavioral economics and management

Deloitte Millenial Survey
Winning over the next generation of leaders

Two-thirds of Millennials express a desire to leave their organizations by 2020. Businesses must adjust how they nurture loyalty among Millennials or risk losing a large percentage of their workforces.

Deloitte Millenial Survey

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