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Participants get up close and personal through Deloitte’s Global Leadership Shadow Program

Barry Salzberg, Former Deloitte Global CEO, hosts three shadows

Shadowing a senior leader is a unique opportunity to experience leadership firsthand. That’s one of the reasons Deloitte Global launched the Leadership Shadow Program and Barry Salzberg, Global CEO, participated.

Three shadows—high-performing managers from the Deloitte Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions— were paired with Barry Salzberg as part of the program to follow him throughout a typical day. Barry and his shadows are among the more than 50 senior leaders and top-performing managers across Deloitte Global who paired-up for the Leadership Shadow Program.  


Shadowing a senior leader, managers get an up-close look at a day in the life of a leader, Deloitte’s business strategies at work, and decision-making at the top. Shadow experiences span over 1-2 days and are designed to provide participants with professional development opportunities, including meaningful career conversations, exposure to senior leadership, and broader understanding of the Deloitte Global organization. Managers also build their professional networks, jump-start their development, and pick-up new tools and ideas. The leaders participating in the program benefit from gaining the perspectives of the next generation of leaders, fostering a coaching culture, and increasing visibility into Deloitte’s Value Proposition and business strategies.

Margaux Lisiak, Manager, Strategy, Innovation, and Corporate Development, DTTL, shadowed Barry Salzberg, DTTL Chief Executive Officer.

"During my two days with Barry, I attended the DTTL Quarterly Meeting, a Global Advisory Council workshop, and scheduling, communications, and strategy meetings. I listened in on College Summit calls, had lunch with Barry and his chief of staff, and came away with a deep appreciation for the complexities of a leadership role and insights that will be valuable as I continue my career at Deloitte."

Margaux Lisiak, Manager, Strategy, Innovation, and Corporate Development, DTTL

Eric Mickelberg, Manager, Global Clients & Industries, DTTL, shadowed Matthew Hirshfield, Director, Office of General Counsel, DTTL. 

"Sitting in on a staff meeting with Matt, I was able to see exactly what a day-in-the-life of the Office of General Council is like. The insight into Matt’s group allowed me to see many connections between legal and finance. This experience gave me a new perspective on my own responsibilities."

Eric Mickelberg, Manager, Global Clients & Industries, DTTL

Bob Tweedie, Program Delivery Manager, DTTL HR, shadowed Jeremy Smith, Managing Director – ERS Global & Crisis Management Market Offering Leader, and Bill McFarland, Chief of Staff to DTTL Global CEO.

“My experience with Jeremy and Bill was, without doubt, one of the most powerful learning experiences of my career to date. Jeremy provided me with a unique insight into the many parts of our client-facing business that I rarely have exposure to. Bill shared with me his insights into effective leadership from his different roles in the U.S. and in Europe. After having lunch with DTTL Global CEO Barry Salzberg and Bill during their weekly debrief, I had the utmost fortune to sit in on a meeting with Barry, Roger Dassen, Partner, Deloitte Netherlands, Bill, and the senior leaders responsible for Deloitte University globally. I would summarize my key learning takeaways as follows: people leadership, influencing, building relationships, and being yourself will lead one to be an effective leader.”

Bob Tweedie, Program Delivery Manager, DTTL HR

Ravi Sekar, Manager, Business Research Center, GKS, DTTL, shadowed Mimi Lee, Director, Clients & Industry, Manufacturing, DTTL.

"I took away some key insights shadowing Mimi for the day—for example: the importance of asking the right questions, gaining deep understanding of my industry, reacting quickly to opportunities, communicating your viewpoint and seeking consensus, and creating a value proposition for myself. It was an exceptional learning experience."

Ravi Sekar, Manager, Business Research Center, GKS, DTTL

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