Are you wondering Why Deloitte?

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We asked Deloitte professionals, “Why Deloitte…what makes Deloitte special to you?” and we received unique and fascinating responses from our professionals in Athens and Thessaloniki. We’d like to share a few of them with you!

June is Why Deloitte month for Deloitte Greece!

The following days we will share with you short, concise stories from our Deloitte professionals, sharing in their own words “Why Deloitte?”. What makes Deloitte distinct or special, what has had significant impact and what inspires our professionals at work. In other words our unique Deloitte culture. 

From different departments, serving different roles, across different business areas. Explore their stories for an insider view into what makes Deloitte special to the people working across our network. 

Stay tuned and discover what it is like to work at Deloitte! 

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Deloitte is more than a company, it’s a family!

All started for me when my passion for auditing led me to apply for an internship position at Deloitte, as an undergraduate student. During that time, I realized that Deloitte is not just an international company. It is a unique place to work consisting of unique, highly motivated professionals working towards common goals. Work environment is better than I had imagined and my colleagues care about me and we are committed in developing each other.

Deloitte gives you the space to take initiatives and helps you cross your limits by doing what you love and are good at. As said, Deloitte is more than a company, it’s a family.

Zisis, Assistant

Work with passion, work “as one”!

Back in November 2013, as an Audit & Assurance intern in Deloitte, Thessaloniki’s office, I formed a “magical” connection with Deloitte. Everyone would ask me, “WHY?” – “As one” was my answer! Our motto back then, truly inspired me to kick-off my career. Throughout the years, I grew up in this family metaphorically and literally, and every day I feel more than happy and proud of my choice.   

The secret recipe is working with passion and being surrounded by remarkable, high-caliber professionals, with the same or different business chemistry types who share common goals and principles. Participating in learning seminars, feeling the buzz of a room full of passionate and engaged professionals debating or feeling the awesome vibes after the completion of a demanding project are part of our professional life in Deloitte and some of the unique moments that resonate with me over time. Making friends with strong bonds, travelling across Greece for business, participating in Marathons with the Deloitte running team, night outs with colleagues are definitely moments that differentiate our everyday work life.


Valentina, Senior

Because it rocks!

Why Deloitte? Because it rocks! Because you have the chance to shape the world. Because Deloitte wants to make an impact that matters and you can be a part of it. 

Since this is my first job on the field, my opinion about multinational companies was shaped mostly by the experiences of others. Coming to Deloitte, I never imagined that in such a large company I would feel my colleagues like family at once. The bonding that we immediately created in the working environment is not something I can describe with words… Everyone here makes you feel welcome and part of the team – the leaders who motivate me every day and are by my side to make me better at my work and help me grow, the friendly environment I come to everyday and of course my colleagues who are now more friends to me than co-workers.

So, I would say that what makes Deloitte special is its people!

Nikoleta, Junior Developer

Step out of your comfort zone

If you want to work in a place where you can interact with the most talented group of people, help high-profile firms and organizations address the most critical challenges, make an impact that really matters and have a great deal of fun along the way, Deloitte is the place to be!

Why so different? Whomever you ask at Deloitte, they will tell you that it's the people who make the difference. The high-achieving, intelligent and driven individuals, who are dedicated in supporting your professional development. The fact that I am able to work every day with a very diverse and high performing group of people, focusing on creating value and achieving sustainable results for the clients has had significant impact on me, being both refreshing and rewarding.

Deloitte is definitely a challenging workplace. A place where you can inspire and get inspired. There are numerous Deloitte stories that resonate with me, but definitely one of the most exciting experiences with Deloitte has been my recent work trip in Iran. In the context of an engagement, we supported a leading Greek manufacturer expand in the Iranian market and address challenges related to complex financial, operational and human resources management issues. Working in a truly global environment is a unique opportunity provided by Deloitte. It’s incredible how much you can learn simply by interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

People and culture is what makes Deloitte a great place to work. Deloitte’s people are characterized by integrity and respect, qualities that are integrated in our culture, a culture about inclusion, collaboration, high performance and opportunity.

Stefanos, Senior Consultant

Choose the best “you”!

Everything in life is choices; we are what we choose and what we do for a living shapes us as persons. I have known Deloitte since my early years at college and always considered it as the right place for me – and now here I am!

So why Deloitte? I choose Deloitte because here, nothing except excellence for our clients and projects is good enough. Because I am surrounded by extraordinary people, who are by my side from day one. Because I inspire and get inspired by my team and, together, we work hard and discover the best way to achieve the most impactful results. Because here, I learn to challenge myself, think out of the box and set a higher objective every time!

At Deloitte, everyone is so special, talented and kind. This makes me want to be a better person and a better professional. I am evolving in an environment that feels the society’s needs and tries to be a proactive part of the solution. This is why I enjoy being a part of Deloitte - I want to learn and adapt to everything new, to be curious, useful and active!

Christina, Assistant

A culture that inspires you to always be the best!

Why Deloitte? Because it is the best place to launch my career! Because Deloitte and I share the same values – integrity, accountability, collaboration! Deloitte is the best choice for young people who want to gain deep knowledge and take on new challenges. The modern practices and structures, as well as the new technologies improve to a great extent the way we work and the quality of our work.

Working at Deloitte gives me the opportunity to travel around the world, to discover different cultures, and collaborate with different people. Deloitte's working agility affects our productivity, our performance and the quality of the services we offer to our clients.

Lampros, Business Analyst

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