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Deloitte Xmas Survey 2014

What will Greeks spend this Christmas?

Deloitte Greece launches for the fifth consecutive year the local report of the Xmas Survey 2014 in which 17 European countries participated. More than 600 Greek consumers responded to the survey revealing their Christmas budget allocation, informing us how they use different purchase channels and also, identifying the main areas which retailers should address in order to improve shopping experience.


Xmas Survey 2014 press release

Some key findings from the report include:

  • The Greek consumers expressing optimism are increasing, 19% responded they are optimistic about our country’s economy and 16% expect their spending power to improve in 2015.
  • 46% of Greek consumers use both stores and internet to search for products while 56% use both stores and internet to compare   products and prices.
  • 61% of consumers in Greece buy gifts from stores whereas 39% from the internet.
  • Smartphones will be used as a purchase channel by 59% of the Greek consumers in the future compared to 34% that has already used them.


Xmas Survey 2014 Greek report
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