Best practice compliance guidelines for using & managing cookies 

SEV- Hellenic Federation of Enterprises and KBVL Law Firm, Member of Deloitte Legal Network, released a practical compliance guide for enhancing digital relationships and strengthening the online presence of enterprises.

During the past years, the digital industry has intensified the use of user tracking technologies, including cookies, not only in digital interactions and transactions, but also in new technological trends, such as mobile applications. The importance of privacy on the Internet and the need to implement information and consent formulas that comply with the requirements of transparency and user control is vital. The European Union has taken certain measures to deal with cookies and has put into force specific European legislation with which EU enterprises should comply. Organizations are asked to follow the European legal framework, while Data Protection Authorities have also intensified their ex officio investigating and punitive actions on improper cookies use.

Considering the multiple complexities involved in the use of cookies and the fact that legislation remains too specific and complex for the wider public, the Practical Guide on the Use of Cookies recently released, intends to provide enterprises with a number of practical guidelines, in a simple language, on how to create digital platforms in compliance with the regulatory framework (e-Privacy Directive) governing cookies. Through a number of illustrated good and bad examples, enterprises will increase awareness on how to use and manage cookies lawfully.

The Practical Guide on the Use of Cookies is an excellent initiative developed by the team of SEV along with the support of KBVL Law Firm, towards strengthening digital relationships between enterprises and consumers, as well as online presence.

Practical Guide on the Use of Cookies
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