Investment Incentive Toolkit

Deloitte develops the investment incentive toolkit for SEV

Deloitte was entrusted to develop for SEV (the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises), a toolkit with the aim of accelerating productive investments in Greece. The project is of particular importance to the Greek economy, as over the period 2009-2017 an investment gap of ~€100 bn. has been noted, while our country’s competitiveness in terms of ease of doing business is the lowest among other EU countries.

Deloitte's dedicated team, undertook the task to study the main obstacles faced by investors in today’s Greek entrepreneurial environment and research international best practices, which could be implemented in order to overcome those obstacles.

Within the scope of the project, more than 30 business executives and public organizations from Greece and abroad were interviewed, 35 main horizontal and sectorial obstacles were revealed, 130 international best practices from 35 countries were studied, leading to the development of 50 tools which, if implemented, could support Greece in converging with other EU countries in terms of competitiveness and recovering of the €100 bn. investment gap.

Investment Incentive Toolkit
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