Webinar on COVID-19 Support measures for businesses & employees

An unprecedented, multi-level crisis has been caused by COVID-19. The global community, states and institutions are trying to find coping mechanisms in order to tackle the severe financial, social and even political effects the pandemic.

In this context Deloitte Greece launched on April 1, 2020, the first webinar with the view to providing to businesses accurate and credible information on the matter. The points raised during the webinar revolved around the series of measures adopted by the Greek government for the support of the national economy.  

During the webinar, some of our top executives covered all the latest developments regarding the recent measures taken to address the ongoing crisis and more specifically: taxation issues (extensions / suspensions of tax collection),insurance contributions, labor legislation, and issues of bank loan payments / financial  installments, focusing on the facilitations provided for businesses.

Tax Webinar COVID-19 Support measures for businesses & employees

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Maria Trakadi

Maria Trakadi

Equity Partner, Tax & Legal Leader

Maria is an Equity Partner, the Tax & Legal Leader and a member of the Executive Committee. With more than 25 years of experience, she has been providing tax advisory services to Greek and multination... More

Thomas Leventis

Thomas Leventis

Partner, Tax & Legal & Consumer Industry Leader

Thomas is an Equity Partner in Tax & Legal and the Consumer Industry Leader. He advises international clients about the domestic tax system and the routing of their investment into Greece and domestic... More