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Deloitte offers human resources and payroll services that can help improve the efficiency of traditionally complex and time-consuming tasks. Using strategic perspectives and technology can help align a company’s practices and policies with its corporate vision, open new channels of communication, improve processes, and help manage costs.

Deloitte Technological Solutions

✧ Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of software to automate high-volume, repetitive tasks. In Accounting, Tax and Finance our RPA services help you create automations/robots (bots), which are configured to execute repetitive processes such as submitting filings to tax authority web portals. With today's "always on" demands, tax professionals are under increasing pressure to do more with less. Automation can help you keep up with the speed of growth and development. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a flexible and transparent first step, providing an easy bridge beyond Excel.

✧ Data Wrangling tools - Automation

Digitalization in Payroll that is purpose-built for your challenges. Our Data Analytics capabilities help you address the specific big data and data complication challenges your department faces, whether it’s one solution at a time or a department-wide strategy. We combine our deep compensation knowledge with our hands-on experience across a range of data collection, wrangling, automation, and data analytics tools to help you harness the Power of With for smarter insights and stronger outcomes.

✧ Business Intelligence tools - Analytics

People Business Intelligence tools is a compelling way to create and present reporting dashboards in regards to People Data. The easy to use, intuitive dashboard allows for quick access to important information. Our Business Intelligence capabilities help to uncover hidden relationships or trends, identify outliers or errors in the data that may require correction or resolution, quickly compare results period over period while there is still time to identify, correct or address anomalies, and easily undertake scenario planning or modeling to make better business decisions.

Deloitte Persona

What is Deloitte Persona?

Deloitte Persona is a portal developed to provide self-service, visibility and management control for different administrative processes in your people function – from hiring new employees, to managing vacation and absences, distributing pay slips, managing travel and expenses, and creating management reports. It was developed to make HR administration more agile, effective, consistent, and visible.


E-pay slips

  • Make pay slips available online for employees to download.
  • Employees can view and print salary slips (e-receipts), send questions and submit claims.
  • Pay slips are maintained online to meet legal storage requirements

Vacations & absences

  • Manage staff vacations and absences, quickly and simply.
  • Incorporates a management approval process.
  • Updated virtually instantly for a real-time report

Client service

  • Central, integrated communication facility between users and Deloitte.
  • Document management – all documents are accessible online, versioned and encrypted.
  • Validation management and service KPI.

Hiring process

  • Store basic employee information.
  • Track the onboarding process.
  • Adapt the parameters to your company’s specific hiring process

Expenses & travel management

  • Easily register travel allowance, tickets and travel vouchers. 
  • Flexible expense statements: upload a single expense or batch items for easy authorization.  
  • Monitor tickets and processed payments.

Deloitte Persona - Benefits

Easy to use, flexible and secure

  • The mobile-first design ensures an easy-to-navigate user experience on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • The system can be adapted to user preferences, and integrates processes and information for easy, central access.
  • Document attachments are encrypted, hosting is certified, and the system is tested frequently to maintain security.

Potentially increase efficiency and reduce costs

The self-service aspect, along with automated reporting, helps to improve HR management efficiency by reducing paperwork and physical document handling.

  • Workflows are configurable, and schedules and electronic notifications help to avoid delays.
  • Automatic executions are documented for an audit trail.
  • The streamlined processes result in a possible reduction of HR costs.

Global continuity

Standardize processes provide consistency across all your locations, for instant oversight.

Management visibility and control

The reporting function provides enhanced information to aid decision making, providing you with:

  • Control over document versions.
  • A central document repository.
  • Reduced paperwork and physical files.
  • Improved confidentiality.
  • The analytics, widgets and reports address local and regional business needs.
  • Analysis of trends and deviations is easy, without requiring ad-hoc reports.

Enhanced confidentiality

  • By reducing physical paperwork that can no longer be left visible on someone’s desk, or on a train, confidentiality is improved.
  • Deloitte Persona complies with high security standards on web hosting, application and processes.

Greater employee satisfaction

The self-service aspect, combined with follow-up information, gets employees involved and provides them with a sense of some control. It also helps HR decision makers to achieve potential culture change goals, such as employee engagement.



The benefits for your business

✔️ Focus on core business

Our team will be responsible for certain compliance activities allowing you to focus your attention, resources and talents on business activities that will enhance your overall operational performance and benefit your core business.

✔️ The right team

Our global network connects you to experienced resources who understand your issues and focus on delivering.

✔️ Continuously improved methodology and technology

We continuously challenge ourselves on how to further enhance our service delivery. Consistent with our overall approach, we will have periodic meetings with your team to discuss potential process improvement areas.

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