Business tax


Business Tax

Assisting businesses and high net worth individuals to plan and report increasingly more complex and burdensome income tax obligations, as well as manage, understand and resolve complex disputes with revenue taxing authorities.​

Looking to apply a tax neutral company transformation?

A company transformation is a unique combination of tax advice, project management, legal input and accounting advisory services. Deloitte’s high caliber practitioners can guide you through the leeway of the decision for the use of the right tax framework until completion and pro forma accounts of the entity in question. Combined with our expertise from our legal firm, Deloitte’s key advantage is the ability to serve the client for all the aspects of the transformation (merger, demerger, spin-off) covering all the angles and technical matters that can come up, along with smooth implementation.

Having questions regarding the application of the Greek Corporate Taxation?

The practical application of the rules included in the Greek tax legislation, irrespective if they have to do with the deductibility of expenses for tax purposes or the eligibility for beneficial tax provisions is to be managed carefully and professionally. Our corporate tax team combines technical skills and relevant experience, which can guide you to the optimal solution minimizing the future risk of challenge by a potential tax audit. Indicative subjects include interest deductibility, CFC legislation, Withholding Tax application etc.

Do you intend to close a local share or asset deal?

Domestic deal design and support, which has to cope with both direct and indirect tax issues and requires the review of the tax clauses included in the legal documents summarizes the scope of work of our business tax team to be engaged. Even though such a transaction might look simple, the accounting and tax treatment needs the special focus that our experienced professionals can give you. Finally, business acquisitions in the context of solvency processes enjoy tax holidays that are looked into on a case-by-case basis.

Do you need ongoing tax advice?

Deloitte’s business tax team usually acts as a helpdesk for ongoing tax advice for entities needing support on their daily business. We compile a team of professionals and a dedicated manager to act as the primary point of contact guiding the client through the issues and responding timely and efficiently. Moreover, all our ongoing clients gain immediate access to legislative changes and monthly face-to-face updates on all administrative developments.

Is real estate an investment option?

The dilemma arising when a real estate acquisition is concluded is whether the asset will be bought by the individual investor or by a Special Purpose Vehicle. The options and the respective tax implications upon acquisition, exploitation and exit are the main chapters of the memo our real estate tax team produces, aiming at facilitating the investment. Moreover, we closely cooperate with our real estate legal experts providing fully fledged services, including legal due diligence and contractual support until finalization of implementation. Same applies in case real estate assets holdings need to be restructured to either optimize tax burden or facilitate estate planning.

DeloitteTechnological Solutions

✧ Interest deductibility calculator

Our technology tool provides an accurate calculator of the interest expenses that enjoy or deny tax deductibility. The tool takes into account the local thin capitalization rules, Transfer Pricing and the general tax deductibility criteria.


✧ Real Estate Investment comparator

The main question asked by high net worth individuals holding real property or interested in acquiring real estate assets of significant value is whether the property must be acquired on a personal basis or through the establishment of a real estate company. The comparator tool we have developed estimates all the costs for the restructuring or acquisition of the real estate and projects the tax costs between the two options up to Ultimate Beneficial Owner level.

The benefits for your business

✔️ Technology trends and solutions

Deloitte Greece links the technology trends and solutions with traditional tax advice aiming at providing clients with accurate, quality tax advice at the time requested.

✔️ Immediate and constant support

Acknowledging that transactions need immediate and constant support, the main benefit of our tax team is the combination of technical skills with a business friendly mentality, which is depicted in the format and looks of our advice; practicality and problem solving are the main drivers of our daily operations..

✔️ Commitment

Finally, we endorse commitment to assisting your organization in evaluating the options, identifying the risks and align with its business strategy.

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