The Internet of Things Ecosystem

Unlocking the business value of connected devices

Read about strategies ‒ for both enterprise adopters and Internet of Things (IoT) providers ‒ to unlock the business value of connected devices.

IoT has the potential to offer business value that goes beyond operational cost savings. Providers in the IoT ecosystem have a largely unexplored opportunity to develop compelling IoT solutions that explore how the ability to collect and analyze disparate data, in real-time and across time, might transform the business. These developments will play out within and across enterprises, offering opportunities for sustained value creation and even disruption for those who can imagine possibilities beyond the incremental.

Throughout this paper, we offer strategies — to both enterprise adopters and IoT providers — to unlock the business value of connected devices. For providers, we offer six actionable strategies to create solutions that improve enterprise adopters' business performance, not just in the short term but sustained over time. For enterprise executives, we offer a framework to think about where business value resides and where opportunities might exist for IoT solutions. Learn how IoT solutions can improve enterprise adopters' fundamental business values, not just savings and risk management, but revenue growth and innovation.

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