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Deloitte's network of member firms shares SAP-focused lessons for transforming customer transactions into meaningful relationships that can deliver meaningful business results.

SAP-enabled CRM transformation: In the fast lane

Customer relationship management (CRM) is not new to anyone in the business world. What is new is how companies are using CRM strategies to change their businesses in some fundamental ways—and the speed at which they’re doing it. Many companies are taking advantage of rapidly changing marketplace trends by modifying their business models to reach new customers. These forward thinkers are capitalizing on CRM strategies and technologies to address these new opportunities and bring their value proposition to the front lines of the business.

sap enabled customer relationship management crm transformation
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Jan Waals

Jan Waals

Global SAP Leader

Jan Waals has over 23 years of consulting experience and has been with Deloitte Consulting since 1994. He is known for Global Implementations for companies that are Headquartered in the US, Europe and... More