Finance Advisory

The strength of the international network of Deloitte allows the firm to advise any company where you need it, in any of the 150 countries where the organization has offices. Value creation objective and service excellence as a means to achieve it.

The strategy that Deloitte used to provide advisory services transactions is based on four pillars that allow us to provide a differential value to our customers:

Large team of professionals:

A large team of professionals able to provide comprehensive advice ranging from the start of the operation to closure and taking back control. Based on our deep understanding of the situation and the economic environment Advice.


Strong expertise in strategic sectors of the Latin American economy. Great experience in coordinating international and multidisciplinary teams to crossborder operations with a high degree of communication.

Successful career:

A long history of success working with our clients, both private equity and corporate clients in their operations, as evidenced by our high level of credentials.

International Network:

Presence in more than 150 countries.

We advise large national groups in divestment transactions or for international expansion, forming teams dedicated to these customers.

The extensive knowledge and our market position allows us also originate ideas and innovative opportunities to potential corporate transactions, which further enriches our contribution.

Deloitte has the capabilities to provide a comprehensive financial advice in the portfolio of services:

Due Dilligence:

During a transaction, the performance of a Due Diligence is essential to meet the information needs that require buyers / financiers.

Valuation / Business Modelling:

Strategically advise companies in the estimation of fair value within the current stringent regulatory environment. A model is an external and explicit representation of reality executed to understand, change, manage and control that part of reality.

Treasury Services & Capital Markets:

Our team offers a valuable combination of knowledge of treasury and risk with best practices in the industry.

Real Estate:

Deloitte offers real estate advice from end to end, committed to creating value at each stage of the property cycle.

Forensic Services:

We offer our clients specialized to prevent, identify, control, design policies, implement controls to mitigate adverse effects to conflict situations (litigation, fraud, security incidents, loss of income, ...) supporting our clients in understanding helps, managing and minimizing their impact.

M&A and Corporate Services:

We help our customers maximize the value of your business accompanying them in strategic thinking, identifying investment opportunities and financing, advising on the implementation and closure of the proposed transaction, both in mergers and acquisitions and private equity transactions and processes funding.

Reorganization Services:

A wise decision requires a clear vision. At Deloitte, we tailor our response to your needs and requirements.