Consultoría en Recursos Humanos


Human Capital


Our knowledge of business and practical approach of our specialists in Human Resources Consulting allows us to offer solutions in a complex environment, in order to make her more efficient, more competitive and profitable.

HCAS division supports you through the following services:

Organizational Transformation and Change Management:

  • Organizational design (design of structure, roles, responsibilities, right person to the role, evaluation of potential)
  • Communication
  • As One - Strategic alignment (alignment analysis objectives and cultural patterns)
  • Change management technology implementation projects, re-structures, etc.
  • Support integration organizations (mergers and acquisitions)
  • Climate and Culture


Talent, Performance and Compensation:

  • People Search and Selection
  • Outplacement and Coaching
  • Talent Strategy and Process
  • Planning Human Capital
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • System Design Variable Remuneration
  • Leadership Development
  • Strategy and succession plans
  • Strategy and mobility plans
  • Learning & Development
  • Retention plans and staff incentives
  • Potential Talent Assessment / Skills


Transforming the HR function:

  • Strategy and plans of the HR function.
  • Services model
  • HR Policies and Processes.
  • HR Technology
  • Shared Service Centre HR.
  • Audit Function HR


Analysis and Modeling of HR:

  • Descriptive analysis of the data.
  • Predictive Models
  • Analysis of optimization of resources
  • HR Due Diligence