Deloitte Middle East CFO Survey 2020

We are pleased to announce the sixteenth annual Deloitte Middle East CFO survey report, highlighting the latest thinking and issues that are affecting CFOs and finance leaders.

Since the last Deloitte Middle East CFO Survey in 2019, the world has been in the grasp of the COVID-19 pandemic with the full humanitarian, economic and political costs yet to be truly realized. In response, governments have implemented wide-ranging measures, including local lockdowns, international travel restrictions and the enforced closure of schools, public transport and businesses. This has resulted in a sharp decline in economic activity.

Here are some of our key findings:

  • CFOs are navigating through an unexpected crisis, with 48% expecting a return to pre-crisis or near-normal levels of operations not to occur until Q2’21 or later. There remains pessimism and divergence around the recovery time horizon.
  • 41% of CFOs remain focused on responding to the crisis and ensuring financial viability, while 36% are recovering via the adaptation of their business to maximize performance during this time. The remaining 23% of the respondents are focusing their time on evolving business models and strategizing for the post-COVID era.
  • CFOs expect remote working in their organizations to remain at the current levels or increase, with 43% planning on investing and expanding remote working capabilities across the next twelve months.
  • The exceptional risks posed by COVID-19 continue to linger and with recovery uncertain and precarious, improving cash flow and cost management are the highest priority items for CFOs and will be at the forefront of finance leaders’ agendas for the next twelve months. 

Download the report to view all of the survey findings.

The CFO survey is a single element in a range of insight gathering, collaborative learning, training and support services offered by the Deloitte Middle CFO Program.

 For more information on the survey or other services, please reach out to our Deloitte Middle East CFO Program team.

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