GCC powers of construction

Industry themes and trends

The GCC Powers of Construction report is produced annually based on data gathered from surveys and internal data, supported by interviews with some of the most prominent industry leaders from the region.

Deloitte GCC Powers of Construction 2023

The 12th edition of the GCC Powers of Construction provides a lens on both challenges and opportunities, including an overview of the GCC projects landscape, decarbonization best practices, unlocking the potential technology has to offer to the industry, and other insights from industry experts and practitioners who share their knowledge and expert views, assessments, and outlooks for the industry. 

Deloitte GCC Powers of Construction 2021

Sustainability is at the core of this year’s publication, as in previous editions, the report reviews the current market conditions and current trends based on data and opinions gathered from key industry leaders, as well as leveraging Deloitte expertise, and includes a series of articles that reflect how the industry as a whole is moving forward to drive sustainable economic growth, sound business practices and align with net zero carbon goals. 

GCC Powers of Construction 2020

A new normal for a new decade. The tenth edition of Deloitte’s GCC Powers of Construction report provides an overview of the overall performance of the Construction industry across the region. Like all sectors across the world, Construction has not been immune to the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s report considers how the Construction industry can come together amidst the new normal to create a future in which everyone thrives.

GCC Powers of Construction 2018

Has the industry turned the corner? reviews the current market conditions, reflects on how the industry could benefit from embracing new approaches to construction projects delivery, and shares perspectives on the smart development of tomorrow’s cities.

GCC Powers of Construction 2017

The eighth edition of Deloitte’s GCC Powers of Construction report provides an overview of the overall performance for the industry and looks at topics of current importance including the impact of the recently introduced VAT, funding availability for infrastructure projects, IFRS 15 disclosure, as well as innovative practices the industry is moving towards, such as the use of BIM, 3D printing, and other construction technologies.

A set of thoughtful articles written by Deloitte subject matter experts, and in-depth interviews with noted industry leaders from the region.

GCC Powers of Construction 2016

The report is the seventh in its series, produced based on data gathered from surveys and supported by interviews with some of the most prominent construction industry leaders from the region as well as articles and interviews examining key industry trends.  

This year, the new economic reality of lower oil prices will constrain the amount of funding available to regional governments that will have to make tough choices such as cuts in public spending and the introduction of structural reforms.

GCC Powers of Construction 2015

The report is the sixth in its series, produced based on information gathered from surveys, internal data, and supported by interviews conducted with prominent industry leaders from the region.

This year’s edition defines the construction sector as an economic barometer for the GCC region, showcasing the interconnection between the construction industry and the wellbeing of the GCC economies.

Moreover, the publication dwells on various topics and issues facing the construction industry in a region where demand for construction and its allied services is currently at its greatest. 

GCC Powers of Construction 2014

This issue focuses on the positive sentiment in the construction industry and positive developments in awarding some mega and social infrastructure projects across key markets in the Middle East. The industry seems to be out of the recession and into recovery mode. So the big question remains: “Are you ready for the construction recovery?”

In addition, the 2014 issue includes interviews with four major GCC construction companies on the different trends that are facing the industry, as well the key role they are playing in realizing their corresponding countries’ visions and aspirations.

GCC Powers of Construction 2013

In the ever complex and dynamic industry of construction, it is imperative that communication amongst our peers informs us on what decisions we all make on a daily basis. Herein you will find a collection of views from across our Middle East team drawn from our experiences and lessons learnt, together with our predictions for 2013 and beyond. This is the fourth publication and the only one of its kind amongst the Financial Services industry in the Middle East. With 2013 forecasted to be a year of optimism and opportunity, all eyes are back on regional governments and how they propose to manage their spending. In a region where there is an acute deficit in terms of infrastructure, the ingredients for capital projects could not be better.

GCC Powers of Construction 2012

The report is produced based on data gathered from surveys, supported by interviews with some of the most prominent industry leaders from the region, to understand how they have progressed their businesses through these difficult times and how they have managed to create a stable foundation to move forward. Other major themes that are covered within the publication are: government spending, public infrastructure, going green, urban regeneration, transport infrastructure, affordable housing, IPO readiness in the construction sector, regional restructuring, and capitalizing on Build Operate Transfer (BOT) contracts.

GCC Powers of Construction 2010

The GCC Powers of Construction 2010 contains a plethora of articles tackling numerous imminent issues pertaining to the construction industry in the Gulf Cooperation Council. The publication provides a positive outlook on the construction industry, while including expert views on the opportunities in the region, how to set up in set up in Saudi Arabia, which is seen to be a key market, as well as expert views on where lessons have been learnt and how we see the market responding to the challenges encountered and the role that PPP’s will play in the future.

GCC Powers of Construction 2009

The GCC Powers of Construction contains a range of articles on industry themes and trends. With the publication coming at a time of a global economic downturn, it would be impossible not to include an analysis of the effect of the downturn on construction in the GCC. We begin by looking at how the sector shifted from one a boom era throughout most of 2008 to an era of project cancellations and decline in available financing for this industry by the end of the year. Although Dubai’s fortunes, especially in terms of residential developments, were hard hit by events, other places in the region – such as Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Saudi Arabia - continue to show promise, while public spending on infrastructure and commercial projects represent opportunities in times ahead.


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