The changing role of compliance

Navigating the challenges 

For most organizations today, both corporate and government, compliance requirements are increasingly complex and expensive to manage. The sudden increase in regulatory enforcement in Middle East has catapulted compliance risk to the top of board and management agendas. The challenge is only getting bigger as every business also faces the risks of failing to comply with its own internal corporate policies and controls, spanning multiple financial and operational systems. While this is happening, the costs of non-compliance are also increasing dramatically. Actions taken by authorities and regulators might negatively affect corporate performance as well as organization’s reputation.

About the Publication :

In this brochure, we examine the challenges of compliance management systems. We further describe our approach that optimizes the interaction of various elements of the compliance framework that work together to enable organizations to manage compliance requirements and monitor risks and controls. Let us get started untangling the complex web of compliance management before it results in undermining your organization’s aspirations to grow and succeed.

Highlights :

  • Necessity for an entity to cope up with the changing role of compliance.
  • Setting the tone by considering internal and external factors that may trigger a case of non-compliance.
  • Deloitte’s approach to managing compliance through integrating various elements of a compliance framework.
  • Helping you assess your current state of compliance maturity.

Audience :

Top management starting from Board members, Audit, risk and compliance board committee members, Governance officers. Also all levels of leadership within the enterprise from C-suite leaders (CFO, CEO) to Chief Compliance Officer, Internal Audit Head, General Counsel, Legal Head, etc.

Bottom Line :

We are the market leaders and have deep credentials and, therefore, this offering is a great opportunity to kick-start a discussion around compliance management with your existing/new clients particularly large government entities, listed or heavily regulated entities.

The Changing Role of Compliance – Navigating the Challenges
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