The Deloitte CIO Survey 2014


The Deloitte CIO Survey 2014

CIOs: At the Tech-junction

In our second year of this survey, we have extended our coverage to over 900 CIOs in 49 countries across the Globe including the Middle East.

Last year we explored the effectiveness of CIOs as business partners and the need for them to step-up to make greater impact in the board room. This year, we extend the concept and turn the spotlight on the role of the CIO as a business leader of growth through innovation. In particular, we explore the idea of the CIO as a Venture Capitalist, an interesting trend we examined in our Trech Trends 2014 report.

Comparisons between CIOs and VCs may seem like a stretch. CIOs can’t shoot from the hip on risky investments. They provide critical services that the business simply can’t do without, where the risk of getting it wrong could be catastrophic.

This report presents the highlights from the 2014 Deloitte Global CIO Survey.

Within each chapter you will find:

  • A summary of the key insights across all respondents internationally
  • An infographic which allows you to view the findings by major Global region and industry sectors
  • Commentary, observations and insights from Deloitte Specialists to help tackle some of the key challenges cited
The Deloitte CIO Survey 2014
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