Tariq M. Ajmal

Partner | Risk Advisory | Cyber

Tariq M. Ajmal

Al Sila Tower

Abu Dhabi Global Market Square

Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates


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Tariq is a Partner in Risk Advisory and Middle East Leader for Cyber. In his role, Tariq oversees regional practice addressing clients needs around IT and business controls, cyber risk, data & risk analytics, IT governance & management, and resiliency. Tariq has more than 18 years of experience covering IT Governance, Project Risk, Cyber Risk, Resiliency & Crisis Management, IT and Business Process Controls as well as helping organization comply with requirements such as Sarbanes Oxley, ISO, CobiT, ITIL, ADSIC, etc. Tariq’s experience spans various industries and clients in Middle East and North America. He has held various leadership positions including Functional Risk Leader (FRL) for RA, Chief Information Office (CIO) for DME and ME representative at the global Young Partners Advisory Council (YPAC).

Tariq M. Ajmal