Potpora za očuvanje radnih mjesta – izmijenjeni uvjeti od 6. travnja 2020.


State aid: Commission approves EUR 1.8 billion in Croatian programs to support businesses affected by coronavirus pandemic

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On April 6, 2020, the European Commission approved HBOR's first liquidity program for exporters' liquidity through insurance policies. A total credit potential of approximately EUR 790 million was enabled.

HBOR, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, has also sent a second program for small, medium and large businesses, which was approved by the European Commission on 9 April 2020. The program will be implemented through three models:

  • Framework loans to banks, whereby government funds will be disbursed by HBOR at zero percent of the interest rate of half of the total interest rate, and the other half will be the interest rate of banks, which will be limited to its maximum amount;
  • loans in cooperation with banks according to the risk-sharing model,
  • direct loans to HBOR entrepreneurs, up to EUR 800,000.

The total amount of support for the first two models is EUR 850 million, while for the third model EUR 150 million is provided. The measures can be used to cover the working capital needs of entrepreneurs.