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Intervention measures in the field of judicial and administrative procedures


Following the example of other European countries and due to COVID-19 pandemic, the Croatian Bar Association initiated the adoption of the Act on Intervention Measures in the Area of Judicial and Administrative Proceedings. The most important measures proposed include:

  • rest of deadlines in judicial and administrative proceedings;
  • different work modes of courts and other public authorities;
  • rest of monetary interests’ periods in judicial and administrative proceedings.

As most of court hearings have been postponed, save for those in which postponement is not possible due to complexity and urgency, it is likely that the proceedings will be significantly delayed for uncertain period of time.

Get in touch if you would like to know more about interpretation and implications of proposed measures or about alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, such as recently introduced online (Skype) mediation and other.

Tarja Krehić, Attorney-at-Law
Krehić & Partneri u suradnji s Deloitte Legal