Support to funding sustainable activities

Providing support in gaining public funds for financing selected activities


The most common obstacle a company faces when it wants to achieve goals which lead to the implementation of its sustainable strategy is the lack of financing sources.  

In situations where different stakeholders (shareholders, employees, management, customers, suppliers, investors, banks, governments, NGOs, communities) have different and, very often, opposite expectations from the company, it is difficult to balance it all and be profitable.
Usually, financing funds are limited and choices need to be made. Considering conventional KPI’s for investment return, the choice is made so as to ensure investment benefits, with the shortest term of return. Additionally, there is also a lack of internal resources capable of finding alternative sources of financing for sustainable investments.


Being aware of financing difficulties when it comes to investment in improving energy efficiency, Deloitte provides support for clients in obtaining funds from public sources to finance such activities. A specialised team of experts in the field of GI will support the industrial sector, tourism and consumer sector in finding and obtaining available funds for increasing energy efficiency, including renewable energy projects. It entails an analysis of data used in the process, but also the analysis of key roles and responsiblities of individuals playing a part in the process.

Main benefits for clients:

  • Obtaining adequate funding, in terms of costs;
  • Achieving sustainable strategy goals which ensure long-term profitable development;
  • Release other company funds for other investments with shorter term of return;
  • Effective resources utilization.