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What is Audit?

Reliability and independence

Our objective is to be our client’s trusted business adviser. By understanding our clients’ operations, their industries, and the issues they face, we are able to provide them with timely insights on business conditions, and assist them in assessing their financial and operational preparedness.

Deloitte auditors are a unique source of best practices, through our global network of clients. Leading edge technology, world-class training programs and an industry-focused global approach to client service enable us to act as a “window to the world”.Deloitte understands that our clients expect the highest professional standards of their independent auditor. We exceed these high expectations by enhancing our audits with recommendations and advice on issues related to the client’s financial performance.
Every client is unique, requiring an audit plan tailored to its particular operations, accounting processes, control environment and financial reporting requirements. Our focus is, therefore, both industry-specific and client-specific.