Deloitte and are looking for the CFO of the Year

We are inviting You to apply to the first CFO of the Year competition launched by Deloitte and The winner will be announced in a ceremony as part of the 2016 CFO Conference: Finances, Business, Innovation, the second of the kind in Croatia, which will take place at Esplanade Zagreb Hotel on 24 February 2016.

The winner will receive the following valuable awards:

  • a three-day trip to Deloitte’s Next Generation CFO Acadamy in Brussels,
  • a total of 20 hours of Deloitte business advisory services,
  • an introductory coverage by,
  • a statue.

Apart from providing Your personal data (first and family names, name of the company, CV), Your application should include the completed questionnaire which will be judged by an expert evaluation board. Besides the quantitative part which brings maximum 50 points, the evaluation involves a qualitative assessment by the board of the publicly disclosed financial statements of the applicants’ companies bringing also maximum 50 points. Further details about the criteria and the application process are available under the following link: qualitative assessment.

The evaluation board will determine the quantitative part, which will bring maximum 50 points, based on the most recent publicly available financial statements.

The quantitative part will be based on the following KPIs:

  1. EBITDA margin
  2. Total asset turnover ratio
  3. Debt-to-equity ratio
  4. Current liquidity ratio

Comittee for CFO of the year are:

Bernard Jakelić, Croatian Employers' Association
Boris Tušek, Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb
Ante Samodol, economist - specialist in finance
Bojan Molnar, Deloitte
Edita Vlahović Žuvela,

The only investment is the time required to send Your application, at no cost, up to including 17 February 2016  by a direct e-mail to Bojan Molnar and/or Edita Vlahović.

Looking forward to Your participation.


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