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Consumer Business and Transportation

Respond rapidly to new changes

Deloitte’s team of professionals combine in-depth industry knowledge with a focus on value creation to help our clients meet the demands of this fast paced business environment.

Driven by greater consumer affluence, increased regulatory controls and dynamic shifts in global economics, today’s consumer businesses have to anticipate evolving consumer needs and respond rapidly to new changes. 

Consumer Business

Consumer BusinessIn its search for new growth opportunities, the consumer business industry faces immense challenges ranging from globalization to customer acquisition. With greater access to web-based comparison shopping, consumers are forcing companies in this industry to create new services with new lines of business, to meet the needs of new emerging customer segments.

Deloitte helps consumer services companies find the right solutions to these and other challenges. Our experience across all segments of the consumer services industry allows us to understand the issues and trends our clients face. We align our integrated teams of specialists with our clients’ strategies to help them enhance operations and achieve measurable results.

We provide services in the following areas:

  • Consumer product companies
    • Agribusiness, food processing, beverages
    • Apparel, textiles, footwear accessories
    • Personal and household goods
  • Consumer services
    • Personal services
  • Retail, wholesale and distribution
  • Tourism, hospitality and leisure
    • Food services and drinking places
    • Gaming
    • Hospitality
    • Professional and amateur sport


TransportationCompanies from all transport sectors are increasing their global reach as they move beyond traditional geographies to grow their businesses. The challenges posed by the current economic climate, tougher competitive environments and regulatory changes require the very best professional service providers dedicated to helping these companies succeed.

About transportation

Complex challenges and changes in transportation industry require the very best of professional services providers. At Deloitte, we constantly challenge ourselves to improve services to our clients in the aviation and transportation industries.

The needs of transportation businesses can be complicated by the existence of corporate structures in different domiciles. Care needs to be exercised in assessing the implications of local laws, taxation, licensing, and regulatory issues. Our local offices play a vital role in these matters.

Our group of transportation professionals possesses the breadth of experience to address the needs of clients across the air, road, rail and water transport industries. We integrate the appropriate blend of sector-specific knowledge with functional expertise from our offices worldwide to provide seamless leading-edge solutions tailored to each of our clients.

In addition, we work closely with many leading transportation consultants – including lawyers, engineers, and aircraft appraisers – and obtain their services when needed.

As a fully integrated regional firm, Deloitte Central Europe can help you solve today’s business issues, implement change and plan for the future in order to capture opportunities and achieve your strategic goals. 

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