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Tax - EU news, July 2014
Tax treatment of dividends and shares in profit

EU news, May 2013
The Resolution of the Constitutional Court on the temporary suspension of the application of certain provisions of the Law on Amendments of the Income Tax Act - At the EU Council meeting on 14-15 March the EU economic priorities for 2013 have been approved...

EU news, April 2013
Amendments of the Act on Credit Institutions

EU news, April 2013
Representative office - status in Croatia from 1st July 2013

EU news, March 2013
IPARD - Component V of the IPA, overview of information in relation to the recently published acts in tax area, as well as relevant draft bills, a short insight in EU news...

EU news, February 2013
New legislation:
- In force from 1 January 2013
- In force during December 2
Draft bills:
- Public discussion on the Value Added Tax Bill
- Excise Duties Bill
- Draft Changes and Amendments of Personal Income Tax Act RegulationsEU
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- Process of ratification of Accession Agreement between Croatia and the EU

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