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Deloitte’s Gi3 team – first step in the realisation of your project

Grants and tax reliefs / EU funds / Project preparation / Project implementation / Technical assistance / Trainings

Global Investment and Innovation Incentives (GI3) is a team at Deloitte Croatia specialising in providing business advisory services focusing on finding co-funding sources for private and public sector projects, including EU funds and national and international support programmes.

Gi3 team provides high-quality services with proved references in the following areas:

  • Preparation of project proposals including the design of a project idea and submission of project application based on the “key-in-hand” principle;
  • EU projects implementation;
  • Technical assistance;
  • Public procurement and procurement procedures for persons not subject to the Public Procurement Act;
  • Trainings in the team’s area of expertise.

Deloitte Croatia has more than 20 experts with proven EU-related experience. Meanwhile, the network of our EU experts in Europe includes 180 members who, through Research, Development and Innovation Centres of Excellence, Horizon 2020, capital projects financed from the Cohesion fund, EU programmes and projects impact assessments etc., provide services to the European Commission (EC), DG REGIO, different EC agencies, European Investment Bank (EIB) and others.

Therefore, Deloitte's EU network represents our great advantage, since we operate on the levels of both policy makers and users of EU grants and financial instruments. Furthermore, we are at the source of information relevant for EU stakeholders.

In the previous 3 years, Deloitte Croatia’s Gi3 team prepared project proposals of total value over HRK 495 million, implemented projects worth HRK 50 million, and trained more than 700 persons. We currently provide technical assistance services on projects worth more than HRK 955 million.

We advocate a client-specific, personalised approach including a multidisciplinary analysis of the clients’ business operations and needs, providing informative-advisory services adapted to clients’ needs and interests, and finding optimum comprehensive solutions for the realisation of clients’ business plans. Our satisfied clients include the following:

  • Small, medium and large enterprises;
  • Government authorities;
  • Institutes, faculties, and the wider academic community;
  • Local and regional authorities and related institutions.


For more information please contact us on:  CEHREU@deloitte.com



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