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Strengthening administrative capacities on a national, regional and local level is key for the increase in EU funds absorption

In order to increase the utilisation level of ESI Funds in the Republic of Croatia, it is key to strengthen the administrative capacities of all EU funds stakeholders in order to increase efficiency of bodies within the management and control system directly included in ESI Funds implementation and utilisation. Ministries and other government authorities must be completely ready to face the challenges of efficiently reaching operating program targets and timely funds utilisation. It is precisely in this area that Deloitte experts may provide high-quality support in terms of providing information and advice on EU funding, but also in programming and preparing programs and calls, project proposals evaluation and assessments, advisory services in the area of public procurement, ex-ante and ex-post valuations etc.

In addition to the proven experience of our experts in providing the aforementioned services, we have provided technical assistance to projects worth more than HRK 955 million and in that way actively contributed to the increase in EU funds absorption and strengthening the capacities of both management and control system and individual beneficiaries included in ESI Funds implementation and utilisation.


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