VAT and customs compliance

Deloitte services for European Union

VAT and Customs ComplianceCroatian entrepreneurs, in particular those trading with EU partners, will have to adapt their day-to-day business processes to requirements that will arise from Croatia’s full EU membership.

Transactions with EU partners will not be treated as import and export transactions in terms of customs and VAT, they will be treated as intra¬community trade. Consequently, the focus of the traders will have to be shift from completion of import and export formalities to compliance with reporting requirement as set by the laws. With its team of experts Deloitte can meet clients’ pre and post accession needs and make a valuable contribution in setting up and implementation of the new business models.

Our core VAT&Customs services include an overall project completed in three stages:

  • VAT mapping
  • Projection of impact of the new legislation on company’s business processes and recommendation for strategic changes
  • Assistance and advisory in the implementation phase