Deloitte services for European Union

Services for European Union

Integrity and Quality

From the experience of other countries, it is known that joining the EU really is a powerful stimulus and actuating force for the implementation of reform programmes.


Technology advice & implementation

The business/working environment is changing ever more rapidly in response to market pressures and a quest for higher levels of efficiency - and IT is expected to not only keep pace with this change, but to drive it.


Risk Management & Internal controls

The EU provides funding and grants for a vast range of projects and programmes.


Financial audit & verification

Deloitte is a privileged partner to assist EU Finance Functions to successfully operate, modernise and anticipate 21st century demands and challenges.


VAT and customs compliance

VAT and Customs ComplianceCroatian entrepreneurs, in particular those trading with EU partners, will have to adapt their day-to-day business processes to requirements that will arise from Croatia’s full EU membership 


Grants & incentives

Grants & IncentivesNumerous new opportunities for funding business development and projects from EU funds will become available to Croatian companies upon Croatia’s acquiring a full member-state status 


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