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Investing in Croatia?

  • Do you know all challenges and opportunities that you will be faced with? Do you know how to find the most efficient solutions?
  • Do you have a proper understanding of a local market, trends and stakeholders?
  • Do you know will project provide you with sound basis for making a investment decision on a potential investment in Croatia?
  • Do you know how to ensure you have proper valuation analysis related to potential acquisition of a company or a business related property?
  • Do you know how to regulate local management? Who can be a member of the management board of your local company?
  • What is the cost of having local employees and their rights?
  • Can you use some of your existing resources?
  • Do you need any local licenses or approvals? What about the EU passporting regime?
  • Do you know which fluctuating tax and investment incentives are available?
  • What accounting system can implement tax rules?
  • Which tax risks are created as a result of non-familiarity with tax legislation (cross-border transactions)? Best way to set up intergroup transactions?
  • How to optimize tax liabilities? How to manage cash tax refunds? How to avoid unnecessary tax audits?
  • What is the percentage of tax-deductible entertainment costs?
  • Do you need support during penetration on the market period?
  • Do you need assistance in recruitment process or asset management?
  • At the end, do you know how to take advantage of local opportunities?
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One Stop Station for investors