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Financial advisory

Do not put yourself into a risk while dealing with financial issues. Let us help you by providing a professional advice that will reduce risk and lead your business to success.

Creating a sound financial platform requires careful analysis and an in-depth knowledge of each organization’s unique circumstances. Deloitte’s Financial Advisory group provides strategic and financial services to clients through every phase of the economic cycle. We offer services in all the critical areas - from corporate finance, transactions, business valuations, debt restructuring services, finance raising, etc. - with a focus on helping our clients increase value. With a network of experts and deep technical skills in Croatia and abroad, our professionals provide superior financial advice for every type of business, in every industry, and in every situation.

Inward and cross-border emerging market transactions require international experience coupled with local understanding. Utilising investment bankers with international skills and local experience, our corporate finance & advisory professionals assist international, national and government clients with the following services:

  • Corporate financial advisory
  • Privatisation transactions
  • Financial due diligence
  • Valuation services
  • Independent business reviews
  • Real estate advisory
  • Debt restructuring services

Our professionals combine internationally honed investment banking skills in the areas of corporate finance & advisory services, transaction services and reorganisation services to ensure the creation, maximisation and preservation of value.

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