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Corporate financial advisory

Financial advisory

The breadth and depth of our corporate financial service offering is unparalleled within the marketplace.

In assisting our clients develop and implement their strategic objectives, we have experts with proven execution capabilities to support them throughout the process to a successful conclusion.

Our clients are differentiated by the challenges they set us and the markets in which they operate, but all our clients share with us a common passion for winning in the market place.

We also have experience in helping clients to identify transaction opportunities, locate potential buyers and sellers, and help the parties forge mutual agreement at the negotiating table. We help our clients understand their alternatives, develop negotiating strategies and we recommend approaches, providing assistance in initiating, structuring, valuing, financing, and implementing.

  • Buy-side Advisory Services
  • Sell-side Advisory Services
  • Feasibility Studies and Business Plans

Buy-side Advisory Services

We aim to reduce the risks inherent in any acquisition by providing expert advice on those elements essential to a successful acquisition: planning, targeting and execution.

We help clients answer important strategy questions, such as:

  • Should you seek acquisitions that increase market share, or should you diversify?
  • Is it better to look for businesses that offer vertical integration, or synergy with your company?

Sell-side Advisory Services

The decision to sell a business is one which many managers and owners make once - with only one chance to get it right. Are you selling too cheaply, or should you act quickly to realise your investment rather than risk further uncertainty?

We can guide shareholders and management through each and every stage of the transaction to help ensure that the best terms and conditions are achieved for the seller. We provide independent advice and support to help vendors avoid the many pitfalls and to increase the chances of a successful transaction.

Feasibility Studies and Business Plans

Our Financial Advisory team is built on long-term strategic relationships with our clients. Developing a Feasibility Study or a Business Plan is an important step in most companies’ lives, especially for start-up companies and new projects. By assisting in setting the companies’ direction from the early stages, we strive to build a trust which will last for years. Feasibility Study is perhaps the most important step in developing a new project, as mistakes in early phase can forever hurt the project’s chances of succeeding. Done in the right way, it becomes the market-driven strategic plan that is the road map for all subsequent decisions.

Business plan is much more focused on what action steps will be taken during and after project implementation.