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Financial due diligence

Financial advisory

A critical element of every transaction is the evaluation of the critical issues or “deal breakers”.

Achieve the best value from your transaction

For transactions where the target is already identified or where only an analysis of the situation is required, we assist the buyer or relevant party to perform full scope or limited scope due diligence to identify the critical issues for the transaction. We then work with you to continue the transaction process, ensuring your process and negotiations are completed to your satisfaction.

When a company is up for sale - or wants to sell off one of its divisions - it needs to show potential buyers a detailed independent report attesting to its financial position. Our dedicated transaction support professionals are adept providing vendor due diligence services across a wide range of industries and clients. With experienced professionals and access to global expertise, our vendor due diligence offering can serve as an important tool in effective management of a transaction while meeting specific needs of the bidders.