Early Warning Signals system development (EWS)

For Financial companies, especially banks, one of the key business priorities is detecting problematic clients as early as possible. EWS systems are automated solutions to track the credit health of borrowers and for monitoring and assessment of credit portfolios er. Deloitte can help you to develop, set up, improve and maintain of different indicators for the detection of early warning signs of possible financial distress. A well-designed EWS is not just an effective credit risk monitoring tool but also serves the related purposes of fraud control and regulatory compliance.

How can Deloitte help?

We have lot of experience in delivering EWS systems to clients all over the region and the world. Because of this, we are introduced to the best practice in the field, and we have knowledge and skill to implement these practices in any framework.

Deloitte can help you either to:

  1. Review of current EWS framework.
  2. Improve the existing EWS.
  3. Implement and integrate EWS with existing technical environment.
  4. Maintain the EWS and update it with latest field practices.