Internal Audit

Assure. Advise. Anticipate.

Deloitte’s Internal Audit (IA) services help companies look below the surface to achieve superior performance through a full range of outsourcing, co-sourcing, and advisory services—including with respect to technology and data analytics. Teaming with—or working as—a client’s IA function, Deloitte transforms these functions to achieve a high level of performance, assisting with enhancing process efficiency, fraud detection, operational quality, internal control, and regulatory compliance. We enhance the overall value delivered by IA functions through strengthening quality, flexibility, efficiency, and value. Additionally, Deloitte helps clients extend their IA oversight to gain greater understanding of key enterprise risks such as evolving IT systems, applications, and other technologies.

We offer:

  • Internal Audit Strategy, Effectiveness Advisory, and Review – We help organizations strengthen the effectiveness of their IA Function, including through transformational activities and strategy development or redesign.  We also perform independent effectiveness reviews of IA Functions, typically evaluating conformance with Institute of Internal Auditor (IIA) Standards, comparing IA’s practices against leading practices and assessing IA’s performance relative to stakeholder needs and expectations. 
  • Internal Audit Outsourcing and Co-Sourcing – We assist clients in the deployment of their IA capabilities, ranging from performing all of the organization’s IA activities through an outsourced model to partnering with the in-house IA function to co-source the delivery of their activities.
  • CEO/CFO Certification ICFR Testing – We help organizations understand and comply with their internal control certification requirements, whether scoping, developing and/or executing the organizations’ internal control certification programs. 
  • Information Technology Internal Audit – We serve as subject matter advisors—or as part of the outsourced/co-sourced IA function—to help organizations evaluate and address risks related to IT, including applications, networks and infrastructure.

Internal Audit 3.0

Until recently, the Internal Audit profession had not faced the need to innovate, let alone reinvent itself. Now, as we approach the end of a decade of uncertainty, organizations face evolving strategic, reputational, operational, financial, regulatory, and cyber risks. The world is entering the fourth industrial revolution where new technologies, digitalization, robotics, and artificial intelligence are dramatically changing the business landscape.

Internal audit: Soaring through turbulent times

The inaugural 2020 Audit Committee survey reflects a significant departure from prior surveys and illustrates how Audit Committee wants, needs and expectations of internal audit functions have dramatically evolved in today’s tumultuous business environment.


Resilient CAEs: An internal audit podcast

As the role of the chief audit executive (CAE) continues to expand, how can CAEs elevate their role within the organization? Tune in to our new leadership podcast series, Resilient CAEs, to explore what it means to be a resilient internal audit leader and how technology can help you lead through transformation.

Risk Excellence – Connect, Modernize. Digitize.

Organizations who can CMD their approach to assurance, compliance, and risk, can embrace digital technologies and new ways of working. In this publication, Deloitte outlines the core components of CMD detailing how a CMD initiative is not just a technology solution but also a combination of a new mind-set, skill-set and tool-set for organizations.

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