Business Model Transformation


Business Model Transformation

You have the vision for your business, but do you have the structure to bring it to life? Business Model Transformation helps drive the business and operating model changes required to achieve an organization’s strategic vision. Deloitte's Business Model Transformation consultants are ready to help you capture new growth opportunities, reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and stay ahead of consumer preferences. Across a broad range of specialties — enterprise model design, global business services, outsourcing, cost transformation, real estate, and location strategy — we help organizations set and execute their strategic vision and dramatically improve business performance.

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2016 Global outsourcing survey

Over the last several years, Deloitte has conducted multiple studies that explore the evolution of outsourcing and assess emerging trends.

2015 Global Shared Services Survey

Since 1999, Deloitte has conducted a biennial survey on shared services organizations to explore the evolving concept and assess emerging trends. The 2015 survey garnered 311 respondents headquartered in 35 countries consisting of 1,000+ Shared Services Centers (SSCs).

Minimum viable transformation

Leaders are taking lessons from the startup playbook on “minimum viable products” to launch minimum viable transformations—lightweight and readily adaptable versions of potential new business models.