Register of Beneficial Owners

Central online database which contains information about beneficial owners of legal entities and trusts where they need to enroll by December 31, 2019

Tax news, August 2019.

The Register of Beneficial Owners (The Register) is established on the basis of Articles 32-36 of the Anti Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Law (Lex). The Lex is in line with European anti-money laundering regulations. The primary purpose of the Register is to increase the transparency of beneficial ownership data, reduce the possibility of misuse to conceal the identity of beneficial owners as potential commiters of money laundering offenses, including tax fraud, and to prevent the financing of terrorism. The aim of establishment of the Register is to increase transparency and availability of data on beneficial ownership. The Registry is controled by the Financial Agency (Fina) on behalf of the Ministry of Finance - Anti-Money Laundering Office.  

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Below, we provide a concise overview of the information related to entry in the Register.

The Tax Administration shall supervise the submission, registration, updating and accuracy of the data entered in the Register of Beneficial Owners. In the procedure of supervision, the Tax Administration will determine does the entity has complete and accurate data, and whether the entity has entered the data in the prescribed manner and within the prescribed deadlines.

How can Deloitte help you?

Determining the beneficial owner could, depending on the complexity of the ownership structure of individual entities, present a real challenge for legal entities. Our experts can assist you in all steps necessary for accurate and proper entry in the Register, including identification of beneficial owners, any legal issues related to such determination, and ensure that each step is in accordance with the Law.

Please contact the following contacts for more detailed information:  

Helena Schmidt
Tel: +385 1 2351 918

Marija Buljan Gelo
Tel: +385 1 2358 222

Marija Juran
Tel: +385 1 2351 990

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