HR services - consulting, monitoring and ensuring compliance of Human Resources

Why HR services:

Deloitte provides a wide range of consulting, monitoring and compliance services in the area of HR. The benefits of contracting those services with Deloitte are multiple, in particular, the following:

  • Focus on relevant HR functions: existing HR departments in companies are relieved of tackling issues of technical nature and are given more leeway to further develop the most relevant HR functions (such as attracting new and developing existing talent, as well as monitoring and encouraging employees’ development), all in order to better contribute to the company’s business result.
  •  Efficiency: contracting HR services contributes to a greater efficiency of other departments within the company, for example, sales, marketing, development. The company, as an employer, and its managers deal less with administrative functions and much more with core tasks and business operations development;
  • Lower costs: In that way, companies avoid or decrease significant work relation, trainings, and other costs (office space, equipment etc.) of employees who would deal with the relevant issues within the company itself. The costs of a contracted HR service are flexible and can be relatively quickly reduced without any risks in case of different company needs;
  • Minimising risk: labour legislation and practice are frequently amended and companies find it difficult to keep up with all the changes and new practices concerning labour conditions. By contracting Deloitte's provision of HR services, the companies cooperate with top HR experts who are completely familiarised with all regulations and who can help them to decrease the risk of potentially expensive administrative and judicial proceedings. Deloitte HR experts monitor and harmonise the policies and documents of companies with the relevant legal requirements so as to ensure the greatest possible protection of companies’ interests as employers.

Services Deloitte provides:

1. Personnel administration
  • Keeping records and managing the system of workers’ benefits;
  • Keeping records of workers and working hours;
  • Keeping records of annual leave use;
  • Keeping records of changes and administering changes (for example, changes in salaries, changes in employees’ personal data etc.);
  • Preparing the annual leave plan;
  • Obtaining certificates at the employees’ request 
2. Legal and administrative support*
  • Preparing contracts and annexes;
  • Consulting on and preparing documents concerning work relations of Management Board Members and other key personnel (so-called “managerial contracts”);
  • Preparing terminating employment agreements, dismissal decisions and other documents forming the basis for the termination of the work relation, as well as tax-legal consultation concerning the work relation termination;
  • Preparing the Rules of Procedure and amendments to the Rules of Procedure in line with the organisation’s decisions, as well as changes in legal regulations which affect the provisions of the Rules of Procedure
  • Preparing documents and consulting on employers’ liabilities resulting from the provisions of the Rules of Procedure
  • Preparing other internal documents of the Company, directed towards regulating rights resulting from the work relation liabilities (decisions on annual leave, decisions on rewards etc.).
  • Preparing the Rules of Procedure and the Job Classification Rule Book;
  • Preparing the policies of employee rewards, policies of use of company cars and other forms of ensuring a favourable working atmosphere within the organisation;
  • Preparing temporary service contracts, honorarium contracts and consulting on those and similar types of independent work;
  • Providing support during the preparation of documents in case of labour inspections and representation in procedures before the labour inspection;
  • Preparing documentation concerning employees’ personal data protection and maintaining business data confidentiality;
  • Consulting on and preparing non-competition clauses between employers and employees;
  • Consulting in the area of application of the Labour Act provisions and other legal regulations which refer to the regulation of the work relation and rights and obligations of the employers and employees and preparing other necessary documents

* Legal support is provided by Croatian lawyers with whom Deloitte closely cooperates within the Deloitte Legal network.

3. Stress-tests of the company’s preparedness to a labour inspection - due diligence
  • Analysis of the company’s documentation which the labour inspection regularly demands when conducting the inspection, with the aim to determine the company’s risk in case of such supervision, in particular:
    • analysis of the Rules of procedure and other internal documents with the aim to determine the compliance with applicable regulations;
    • review of work contracts and other documents concerning the employee’s work relation with the aim to determine the compliance with applicable regulations;
    • review of samples of extracts from records of workers and working hours;
    • review of the worker social insurance registration system;
    • review of the annual leave schedule for the current year;
    • review of samples for salaries calculation;
    • review of other necessary documents;
  • Consulting on necessary amendments to the documentation in case of supervision of the labour inspection;
  • Review of work contracts and personal documentation of workers in order to verify the compliance of the relevant documentation with changes in workers’ positions, salaries etc.
4. Other services
  • Monitoring amendments to the labour legislation, timely informing the company on the amendments and providing support when implementing the amendments and ensuring compliance with the regulations;
  • Calculating severance pays; fees for unused annual leave; assessment of cost of payment of bonuses, benefits in kind etc..

Depending on the client's needs, Deloitte experts for HR support may perform certain tasks on the business premises of the client or other locations, where appropriate. This service is of particular significance in situations where there is a temporary need to fill in a position for a determinate period of time.

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