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Business Process Outsourcing

Recognizing the challenges our clients face and led by market trends, Deloitte now offers a new service called Business Process Outsourcing.

Knowing that time and cost management are one of the most important parts of a successful business, we now offer you the possibility to transfer your administration processes to our professional team.

Administration processes demand a high level of time engagement and an excellent understanding of the legal background. Transferring those processes to our professional team will result in time saving and cost cutting benefits for the company. At the same time you will be sure of compliance with the relevant regulations.

Our broad range of Business Process Outsourcing services consists of:

  • Reporting and compliance with local regulations:

    • VAT monthly and yearly reporting, preparation of VAT returns, other VAT related requests
    • Corporate tax reporting and preparation of annual income tax returns, preparation of other related reports
    • Statutory financial statements and statistical reports
    • Creation of internal accounting and reporting rules
    • Communication with the tax authorities
  • Preparation of financial statements and other monthly, quarterly and yearly reports for group purposes in accordance with your internal group rules, preparation of budget and mid-term plans, and the related advisory
  • Payroll calculations, payroll reporting, reporting according to specific client requests, archiving of business documentation, other administration services and the related advisory
  • Financial accounting
  • Archiving of business documentation and other administration processes as per client needs

All above mentioned services are provided in regional countries and on international market including possibilities of international tax compliance. We strongly believe that this service provides a high added value for your company and we will be very happy to answer all your questions and discuss any specific details. Feel free to contact us.


Helena Schmidt

Helena Schmidt

Tax Partner and Country Managing Partner

Helena is a Partner in the Tax Department, and as of July 2023, she was appointed as the Country Leader of Deloitte's Croatian office. In Deloitte's Tax Department, she leads the indirect tax group an... More