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For over 25 years, we at Deloitte have been turning challenges on climate change, circular economy, and sustainable finance into competitive advantages for our clients. While planning a climate-driven transformation, reshaping business models, creating transparent, ethical supply chains, building engagement, or measuring, evaluating and providing assurance, we take on innovative approaches and digital solutions that empower thought and action.

Together we can create a more sustainable, responsible, and future-proof organisation.

Focusing on the key issues

Environmental protection

Classical environmental protection is the foundation of any sustainability objective, whether it is related to technology, operation, or corporate governance. Our strong engineering competency and professional experience enable a balanced approach in addressing today’s complex sustainability challenges.

We have a wide range of expertise in all areas of environmental protection, whether it is permitting, regulatory requirements, M&A related or other environmental due diligence, waste management and remediation activities or complex environmental protection tasks.

Our experts’ licenses and certifications include waste management, air quality protection, water and geological protection, noise and vibration protection of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers.

Circular economy and decarbonization

Deloitte’s decarbonization solutions are designed to support any organization on its journey towards understanding climate-related risks. Whether you are trying to measure your impact, build and define your climate strategy or meet  GHG emissions reduction targets – with our innovative approaches, digital solutions and deep industry experience – we can support you on your way towards a more sustainable future. The transition to a circular economy may address two of the most well-understood, global environmental impacts of our current economic practices—the volume of single-use plastics ending up in the environment and the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG).

Our experts also assist organizations in the transition from a linear to a circular economic model: we work with our clients to help optimise value circulation by reusing by-products, using renewable energy sources, and using recycled materials as we bring products to market.

Integrate ESG Reporting into your strategy

Our clients integrate corporate purpose and environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles into their strategies, enterprise risk management, and other areas of core business activities, while expectations towards transparency and accountability are extending to new horizons, covering material ESG issues related to a companies’ externalities.

We treat climate challenges as business opportunities to rewrite the playbook.

Due to Deloitte's global network and multi-disciplinary approach, we are able to incorporate sustainability and ESG factors into all of your operational functions. Our experts support your business in defining the direction of your ESG strategy and developing ESG data gathering. We help you report your action on climate change and guide you through your ESG-rating process.

Putting sustainable finance into practice

Members of the financial sector not only have a significant role to play in achieving climate goals, but real economic incentives as well. Consumers demand, employees and investors expect and regulators prescribe the wider application of instruments of sustainable finance.

Companies identify climate-related financial risks in a growing number and complexity: are there any social or environmental risks related to their investments or financing? If so, how can they take responsibility for the adverse impact of their operation?

Our team of experienced professionals have an international track record of identifying and mitigating these risks in order to help integrate social and environmental criteria into the financing and investment activities of the company, meeting the growing expectations and regulatory obligations.

Deloitte's commitment

We recognize change starts within.  Deloitte must set and meet high standards for itself, including achieving net-zero emissions by 2030.

We will also connect with others, empowering our professionals and engaging our broader ecosystem to create solutions that facilitate the transition to a low carbon economy. This will require reimagining, reinventing and redesigning many of the day-to-day experiences of our lives, as well as how businesses and economies operate.

The opportunity to create a more sustainable world is at our collective fingertips. We all are compelled to act.

Visit WorldClimate to learn more. 

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