Old Habits, New  Norms - The future of work is human  - or not?

Dr. Udo Bohdal-Spiegelhoff (Human Capital Advisory services leader, Deloitte Central Europe)

Sep 16. 11:00 - 11:25 - Facebook Live

The future of work is human - or not?

As the current pandemic situation drives profound societal and organizational shifts, leaders have the opportunity to return to work by designing the future of work, building on the lessons and practices their organizations executed during challenging times. This difficult period presents a unique opportunity for organizations that can overcome the instinct of treating humans and machines on parallel paths to instead build connections that can pave a path toward success.

Can organizations remain distinctly human in a technology-driven world? How can we bring the human aspects back into work? What have we learned during the current pandemic about what humanizing work means?

Join dr. Udo Bohdal-Spiegelhoff, Deloitte Central Europe’s Human Capital Advisory Services Leader at Brain Bar and find the answers to the future of work.

Udo is senior partner at Deloitte and has been leading the Human Capital Consulting practice in Germany for many years. However, he is not a home-grown consultant, but holds a phD in chemistry, which adds an interesting spin to his lens on the core human capital challenges and trends companies around the world are facing. Udo is a sought-after very authentic key note speaker and true human capital evangelist. The topics he is enjoying most are around digital business transformation and change management - the more complex the better. And of course leadership development as this is at the core of any transformation or during fighting a crisis.


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