Your Unlikely Hero - Could investors hold the key to Earth's biggest problems?

Eric Dugelay (Global Leader, Sustainability Services, Deloitte)

Sep 15. 11:25 - 11:50 - Facebook Live

  • GLOBAL POLITICS: What are your bets of the speed of the global climate change agenda, given the COVID19, the growing risk of Climate change, the US elections etc. other interesting global phenomenon, like efficient/less efficient start of the Paris Agreement?
  • BUSINESSES: What are the main implications of climate change on business both on risk and on reward side, and what are the main triggers why businesses need to act?
  • SCIENCE BASED TARGETS: Are corporates committed to targets and actions that are comparable to science suggested climate change action? Is this something high enough on the agenda? Does it cause – with time – any credibility issue, e.g. in the O&G industry?
  • SUSTAINABLE FINANCE: Is the sustainable finance agenda changing the way, how Financial Services Industry looks at financing, and thus how and when would a world look like, where you have ban on black projects, transition on grey projects, and allowed financing only on green projects? (This is EIB methodology, but would work for the speech I think). Is this triggered by the markets or rather governments and the EU?
  • REPORTING: Is the prudency on reporting non-financial information becoming comparable and equal to prudency of financial reporting? Are investors voting with their money for those who are prudent, rated well in ESG etc?


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